Written by Universal
09 April 2014



Universal Launches New Thermogenic - Red Hot



redhot-3April 1, 2014— Universal, a leading bodybuilding brand founded in 1977, announces the launch of a new thermogenic supplement, Red Hot™.

 Red Hot™ is a scorching new fat loss support supplement designed to promote fat oxidation and calorie burning potential. This exciting and powerful formula contains many specialized shredding compounds. With Red Hot™, you get an easy to use, one capsule per serving fat burner. Each Red Hot™ capsule is jam-packed with fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredients like Capsimax®, green tea extract, coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones and coleus forskohlii). Those are then enhanced by mood and focus enhancing compounds: beta-phenylethylamine and caffeine anhydrous. Red Hot™ is then rounded out by a specialized absorption compound (Bioperine®) and an ingredient that has been shown to help preserve and even build lean muscle mass while also burning body fat during dieting (ursolic acid).

 Turn up the heat, experience the energy and burn off the excess, unveiling a leaner, meaner, harder physique.

 Red Hot™ is currently available at various supplement stores and online retailers. It is also available from Universal at the retail price of $49.95 for a 60-capsule container.

 For more information about Red Hot™, check out the product page at UniversaUSA.com: http://www.universalusa.com/Universal/Products/Energizers-Fat-Burners/Red-Hot

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