Written by Team MD
30 August 2017


Dallas McCarver Tribute Week - Q&A #3



Staying Positive

This month I wanted to talk about how to stay positive in an industry that can be full of hateful and negative people who will come up with any number of reasons why one individual can succeed instead of them. The rumors have been outrageous, whether it be that I'm a spoiled brat whose parents paid for everything (nope, grew up with a single mom), judges were paid off for me to win (by who and with what money?), or that I use more and better 'supplements' than everyone else, it's been ridiculous. Luckily, I have been able to focus on the positive things so that none of this gets to me. Here's what I choose to keep in mind at all times.


Why am I doing this?

I am not a bodybuilder because I worry about what other people think, because I want to be everybody's friend, and not because I want to be some celebrity. It's my body, and my goal is to make my physique as good as I possibly can. I may or may not ever be a top pro like the men I look up to, but I'm going to do my best to be up there with them. Whether or not anyone else thinks I can do this doesn't matter. I need to believe it.


Who do I surround myself with?

It's not about having people around you who kiss your ass and tell you how you're God's gift to bodybuilding. I choose to surround myself with people who truly know me and what I'm all about, and who support me. The people who are close to me have all been around since before this bodybuilding thing, and they have nothing to gain. Too many bodybuilders surround themselves with hangers-on who want to use them one way or another. The people I spend time with keep me grounded and focused in an industry where people often have ulterior motives for befriending you.


Do you have more supporters than critics?

There are a ton of negative people in general. Take this Miley Cyrus controversy at the MTV Music Awards a couple months back. Millions of people hated how she acted and let that be known. But at the same time, there are many more millions who support her and buy her music and tickets to her concerts. There have been and always will be a handful of people who talk and post negative crap about me. But I choose to focus on the tons of supporters I have on the MD board, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as the support I get from my sponsors, BSN and MD. When you have so many amazing people supporting you and believing in you, it's easy to ignore the few who are bitter, don't approve, or whatever.


. I am so thankful for the individuals who who can see through these misguided statements. I am no way saying Bostin is a liar, but rather someone who was angry and used the false and negative words of a bitter ex-coach to his advantage. Me and him have even spoken on the phone and we have reached a mutual understanding, not agreement, but understanding. Back to the point though I just what to thank everyone who stood by my side and supported me when everyone wanted to bad mouth me and call me a liar and a fake and what not. I think people took me the wrong way on my reply to a question asked to me. I didn't say Boston had some anything illegal on camera, that was simply the way the QUESTION was worded. My response however was something I said. My basic stance was and still is that if someone where to approach me asking of how to begin the journey of bodybuilding I would point them to several different directions outside of the use of various things stated in the question. Like it or not the general acts involved in the sport are something that can better the life of anyone who begins a clean eating regiment, and healthy training, along with maintaining physical health while progressing in performance. All that being said I'm not going to sit here and bad mouth Bostin or fuel the fire so to speak like many people may want. I understand what he is doing and in his eyes its the correct thing to do and he is very set in that lol. I learned this from speaking with him, but either way like I said we have reached a mutual understanding and the video has been removed. Just want to seriously thank everyone for all the love and support through a tough time in my career. I'm sure one day ill look back and laugh at all of this and so will he. Thanks everyone for the love and support.


Facebook post, September 9, 2013

Every opportunity we have is a blessing from the Lord. What are you doing to maximize your blessings? Are you doing your part? I used to have a football coach in middle school that would say if Jesus played football he would be a middle linebacker, and if he caught you coming across the middle he would knock your head off! Yeah it's funny, but really if you think about it every single thing we do is one more way to praise Him. Whether it's a sport, job, lifestyle, or even bodybuilding, everything is one more chance to glorify Him. So in every task set before you, attack it with tenacity and a purpose in every action! We will never be the best in every single thing we do, but what better way to praise our God than by giving our utmost efforts in each event and opportunity he sets before us!


What differences have you noticed by training a body part twice a week? Furthermore, can you explain in more detail what you meant when you said "I think the biggest thing was I just had no idea actually how to properly train certain body parts such as back and legs. People would be amazed at the differences in rep ranges, order of exercises and just generally doing them a specific way can make on a given body part."

Well as far as training twice a week, I have noticed the particular muscle group stays more full. Keep in mind I don't train every muscle group twice a week (currently I'm not training anything twice per week), but when I do I select one weak bodypart and I'll hit it twice a week for a period of 5-6 weeks, and then give it a break by going back to once a week. I've noticed after a certain amount of time, while the muscle is still staying more full and "round" if you will, it begins to develop a fatigued, beat-down feeling. That's usually when I give it a break and swap the training to another weak area. As for how to train each bodypart, I could go on and on for days, but it boils down to what we are taught in a football locker room, or by other "lifters" isn't always best for what we are trying to achieve as bodybuilder. While someone may have taught you good proper "lifting form," it doesn't mean that's the way that's going to build up the given bodypart you're trying to target. Examples may include feet placement on squats, angle in which you are bent over on rows, how and where you actually pull the weight back to your body, elbow position on the close-grip bench, range of motion and squeezing techniques on pressing movements, how high to do your curls, to your forehead or nose or your chin? They might all sound like minor things, but when you put several of these little details in a given workout, let's say back, over the course of months; it can make a HUGE difference. I've seen this firsthand and the proof is in how my physique has changed both in size and over all look in the past few months since working with Hany.






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