Written by Team MD
28 August 2017


Dallas McCarver Tribute Week: Q&A #1


A recent 'How I See it' column by Shawn, Kevin, and Flex had them saying they are glad they were pro's in the 1990's, and for the most part don't feel there's anything better about being a pro today. They did seem to feel the whole social media aspect of the Internet was a good thing though. What about you? Have you ever wished you were a pro in some other decade past for any reasons? Or are you very grateful that you got into bodybuilding and turned pro exactly when you did?

Any time you talk about wishing you lived in some other time, there are always going to be pros and cons associated with that era. The 90's do seem like an amazing time to be a pro, but it was also probably the toughest time to do well at the highest levels. Think about the Mr. Olympia lineups in that decade. You had Dorian, Kevin, Shawn, Flex, Cormier, Nasser, Dillett, Priest, Ronnie, etc. It's intimidating just thinking about it! I think the sport goes in cycles. It seems to me like you get a crop of awesome guys that all come into the pro ranks around the same time, and they all start leaving around the same time. And just like with any sport and sports team, you'll have 'rebuilding' years where there isn't quite as much A-list talent. We probably did have a little slump in pro bodybuilding for a while recently, but now you are seeing a whole new group of guys rising to the top like Wolf, Rhoden, and Big Ramy. I'm on the social media quite a bit myself, and in one sense I'm grateful we have this technology where we can promote ourselves and connect with fans every day. On the other hand, I think the guys who were pro's before this had a lot more privacy and less distractions so they could just focus on training and eating instead of posing pictures and status updates, answering tons of texts and emails and Facebook messages, etc. But I grew up with smart phones and the Internet. I think I would be lost without all my gadgets!


What anabolic or mixture of anabolics do you think you have responded the best to? No doses needed, just the substances. I know many guys who say they have responded the best to test only cycles, or deca/test cycles etc.

The answer is rather simple. I mean as a baseline for most of the classic "cycles" people run, they always use some form of testosterone, correct? So I would say it's safe to say that being the single most used substance among the common runs, it would probably be the one consistent key player. Sorry if I didn't answer this exactly as you wanted, as I do not feel comfortable with these sort of questions. Not because its some big grand secret, but rather because I am no Medical Doctor, and that's truly the only people certified and qualified to give advice on such things. The information on such topics isn't hard to find. There's plenty of forums and boards with great members all over the web that cover these topics in detail. Check out the Chem Forum on the MD web site, lots of knowledgeable and helpful people there. I personally just don't advise anyone on the topic because I don't want some guy having some freak allergic reaction and keeling over, just because he took my advice on something like this.


Dallas, for some reason I am stronger on days when I eat peanut butter and avocado. This also happens when I eat red meat. It's the good fats that make me stronger, right? However with the red meat, I'm not sure about something. I already take creatine as a supplement, so what is making me stronger when I eat red meat?

You pretty much answered your own question. Its the energy from the fats in the red meat, but that's not always the healthiest source of fats. You should try olive oil, coconut oil, or maybe even almond butter. Those are all are good healthy fats that always seem to help me with my energy levels.


Do you have days where you feel you're weak as hell? What's your favorite bodypart to train? What carbs do you find you don't digest well?

Weaker days? Of course bro, no one is Superman 24/7! My favorite bodypart to train would be either back or legs, because those are the ones that need the most work and I love a challenge!
As for carb sources, I find that my body responds well to sweet potatoes as well as jasmine rice. I have never really eaten Jasmine rice until lately, but now I am in love with the shit! It seems like in the correct amounts it keeps me full but not too watery, and gives my good energy.






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