Written by Steve Blechman
18 July 2022

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Blessing Awodibu: The Next Really Big Thing!

By Steve Blechman


Blessing Awodibu is one of the most exciting personalities in bodybuilding today, but The Boogieman has demonstrated that he is much more than hilarious skits on his Instagram page and YouTube channel. This year Blessing scored back-to-back wins at the Indy Pro and the New York Pro, and now he’s working with legendary coach George Farah with the support of supplement giant Redcon1 as he preps for this year’s Mr. Olympia. Blessing Awodibu is the next really big thing in bodybuilding, and we are honored to feature him on the cover of this month’s Muscular Development.


The Mr. Olympia is going to be crazy this year,” Blessing tells MD’s Ron Harris this month. “I’m going to put so much energy into the hype and promotion because I want to make this sport exciting!”


Blessing talks about his relationship with George Farah, how he plans to make bodybuilding fun for all of us, and how he is returning to his native Nigeria for the first time in over 20 years in “Blessing From Above!Blessing Awodibu Wants to Make Bodybuilding Great Again.”


When Bryan Balzano made his pro debut at the 2021 Indy Pro, he displayed an extreme level of condition that most competitors never approach in their entire careers. At 197 pounds, Balzano was thick and balanced with particularly meaty quads, and carved out and deeply striated glutes. Balzano won the same show this year in the 212 division, but it’s been a long, hard road for “The Phenom.” It’s a powerful testament to both Bryan’s genetics and work ethic that he looks so good in spite of the many physical and emotional obstacles hurled in his path. Read his amazing story in “The Trials of Bryan -To Hell and Back: the Bryan Balzano Story.”


There’s an old saying among bodybuilders that goes something like, “If you want bigger arms, squat” and it’s true. Hard work on the toughest lower-body movements like squats will cause you to release growth hormone and stimulate the entire body to grow. Having a set of bulging, tree-trunk quads will have an indirect growth effect on everything else. It will take a ton of effort and will require a high tolerance for pain, but in the end it’s all worth it. Learn more in Ultimate Quads In 8 Weeks! Your Keys to Building Them Thick and Wide.”       

When Derek Lunsford stepped on stage on May 6 at Jim Manion’s Pittsburgh Pro, the fans and media alike took to Instagram and YouTube to express their shock at how much bigger, rounder, and fuller the reigning 212 Olympia champ was than ever before. The buzz was that he had clearly outgrown the 212 division and the next logical step was the Mr. Olympia stage. Despite rumors that Lunsford or his coach Hany Rambod had confirmed that move, neither man had ever made any definitive statement as to whether he would remain a 212 and defend his Olympia title or try his luck against the Mr. O lineup. Ron Harris went directly to Derek to see what he had to say in Derek Lunsford: Is He Bodybuilding’s Biggest Threat?

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