Written by Steve Blechman
18 November 2021

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Nick Walker: Armed and Dangerous

By Steve Blechman


Nick Walker capped off this sensational season with a top-five finish at the Mr. Olympia, an achievement most pro bodybuilders dream of but never come close to.


It was an amazing rookie season for 27-year-old Nick “The Mutant” Walker. In less than 12 months, he entered four pro shows, with stellar results. At 5-foot-6 and 250 pounds, Nick is packed from head to toe with dense, thick muscle mass that enabled him to score two significant pro wins and place in the top five at the biggest show in bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia. Nick Walker more than deserves to be on the cover of this month’s MD, and we are honored to showcase this rising superstar who has the potential to reach even greater heights.


Nick Walker’s first win in the IFBB Pro League was the 2021 New York Pro. A few months later in Columbus, Ohio, the young gun joined past greats like Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and Flex Wheeler by becoming an Arnold Classic champion. Nick capped off this sensational season with a top-five finish at the Mr. Olympia, an achievement most pro bodybuilders dream of but never come close to.


One of Nick Walker’s standout body parts are his arms. When the first pose in judging is called, the front double biceps, jaws drop and crowds scream at the sight of his gargantuan arms. Nick’s arms add a freak factor to every single one of his poses, but you might be surprised to learn that he probably does a good deal less for his 23-inch arms than the rest of us whose arms have half the mass of his. Ron Harris talks to this Raw Nutrition athlete to find out how he built his massive arms in “Armed and Dangerous! Nick Walker Aims His 22-inch Guns at the Olympia Title.”


2021 was quite an eventful year in bodybuilding. We lost icons such as Peter McGough (in late 2020), John Meadows, George Peterson III, and most recently 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden. But there were also many high points: Big Ramy winning his second Mr. Olympia, Nick Walker winning the Arnold Classic, and the show returning to its home of Columbus, Ohio. Ron Harris rounds up all the bodybuilding news in “The Top 12 Stories of 2021.”


Morgan Aste, at 6-foot-3 and 315 pounds on stage, became a YouTube superstar with video titles such as “The Biggest Bodybuilder on Earth” and “World’s Strongest Bodybuilder” earning him overnight global success, as well as being hailed as the new “Freak on the Block.” With arms just a few sets/reps away from breaking the 25-inch barrier, just how does the beastly Frenchman train arms this colossal? Giles Thomas finds out in “Fully Armed With The Big Rock.”


What happens when some of the fittest, most shapely and beautiful women in the world are photographed by one of the industry’s most gifted physique photographers, J.M. Manion? You get a curvaceous look at “The Hottest Bodies of 2021!”


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