Written by Dana Linn Bailey
26 August 2015


Dana Linn Bailey - "Why I'm Not Doing the Olympia"


By now, you have all figured out that I decided not to compete in this year’s Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown. Why not? This was not a very easy decision for me, and there were a lot of considerations that went into this decision. I had to consider what was best for not only myself, but I also have to consider what is best for Rob, our relationship, our business(s), our employees and our future plans. I don’t think people realize the magnitude of everything we do, so I thought I owed it to those who wanted to see me onstage in Las Vegas to elaborate just a bit on what the heck do the Baileys really do.

We are essentially running six different businesses right now. Most people know about the clothing company, Flag Nor Fail. We also have the Warhouse Gym, which we run our weekend camps out of. We are also looking into franchising Warhouse Gym. Right now, we are just searching for the right location for the first-ever Warhouse Gym. We also own a car shop, the SPEED WARHOUSE, where we fully fabricate, fully build, pretty much whatever we want and then drive them really fast. This involves us in many car meets, drift events, roll races, autocross and anything wild with cars. We have ONWARD, our supplement that we released just this year.  We never intended on doing other supplements, but realized how beneficial it is to create your own formula that works for you. So our newest venture is Run Everything Labs, our supplement company that we’re launching at the Olympia Expo. Rob and I will have a RUN EVERYTHING booth that we will be at, meeting people and answering questions. Last but not least, there is Rob’s music. If you haven’t heard of Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard, they have four albums out on iTunes. His latest album hit fourth on iTunes for overall sales, and recently their track “Beast” was picked up to be featured on the new film “Southpaw” starring Jake Gyllenhaall. The remix of “Beast” was done by Eminem and featured Rob Bailey, Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne and Kxng Crooked. And this is just part of the reason we are so busy.


Then there are the tours. We try to give back to the fans by getting out on the road to places they can see and meet us. A couple of months back, we did a five-day Northeast tour to Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Along the way, we stopped at nutrition stores for appearances to meet people. On the last day, we would end at Mount Washington and hike to the top. Going to expos is great, but it is not the experience that I want to have with people. Standing in line for hours in a crowded expo to come and meet me for about two minutes just doesn’t seem fun and it doesn’t seem right. Instead, let’s do something wild, let’s do something physical and let’s do it together. Let’s experience life together. Now, instead of standing in line for four hours to meet me for two minutes … we will conquer life for hours together! This is the experience I want to have with people.

I am definitely going to be upset that I am not onstage this year. I am going to miss performing my routine— it is what I look forward to the most! There is something about the stage that is so intriguing to me. We torture ourselves for four months for about three minutes of glory … but somehow it is worth it. How I feel when I am onstage performing makes it all worth it! It feels weird to say I am not competing this year. I am a competitor— that is what I do, that is who I am, so it does feel a little bit weird. But sometimes the best decisions can be weird. So thank you all for your understanding and support, and don’t worry … DLB WILL BE BACK!!! I can’t think too far ahead to say what my next contest will be … BUT I will be back onstage, and it will only be that much more exciting!!!!!


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