Written by justis berg
11 June 2010

Isoleucine Promotes Fat Loss

Isoleucine (IL) is an essential branched-chain amino acid that lowers blood sugar and promotes sugar (glucose) transport in the cells. Many dieters take IL supplements to help them maintain muscle mass during weight loss and decrease appetite.

Japanese researchers from Oita University found that IL supplements prevented weight gain and fat accumulation in mice fed a high-fat diet (45 percent of caloric intake). IL decreased gut fat by 49 percent, compared to a placebo. IL reduced muscle and liver fat and prevented increases in blood insulin. IL also increased the activity of uncoupling proteins in muscle cells, which increased fat burning. Supplementing isoleucine might be a simple way to cut appetite, speed metabolic rate, and lose body fat. (Journal Nutrition, 140: 496-500, 2010)

Nike Kevin Durant