Written by J.A. Giresi
08 July 2017


New Study: Lose Sense of Smell & Lose Body Fat!


Drastic measure, wouldn’t you say? But apparently, researchers at the University of California – Berkley, have found that mice who lose their sense of smell (temporarily) lost more weight than mice who retained their sense of smell!

If you look at it from an outside standpoint, suppose you’re in the mall and walk past the food court – when you smell all those delicious aromas, aren’t you more likely to stop and grab something to eat? Often at work, if a co-worker is making something delicious in the breakroom – doesn’t it cause us to want to eat, too?

For people who have sedentary jobs, this is a daily battle. I know having come from one myself, how torturous it was at times to smell all the delicious meals that came into our facility, day after day. But think of it – if researchers could isolate the sense of smell and disable it – temporarily – could that help those that are morbidly obese?

According to the study, that is what researchers found out! Researchers took two sets of mice. Both were the same size and weight. One mouse had its sense of smell temporarily eliminated, and the other retained its sense of smell. Both ate a high-fat diet, and the mouse that retained its sense of smell became obese, but the other mouse did not. They also found that losing their sense of smell converted white fat and beige fat into brown fat! Brown fat contains abundance of mitochondria, or “power centers of cells,” compared to white fat. With the additional mitochondria and brown fat, calories were burned quicker!

Now before you run out to call your local ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist), there is still much work to be done on this study. Also keep in mind that that mice have a faster metabolism than humans, so the results might not translate exactly in real-world results. Still the results do look promising, and perhaps it can lead to another alternative to healthy weight loss without evasive surgery, or pills.

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