Written by David Aboody
06 August 2017


2017 CBBF Fitness, Figure & Physique Nationals

Contest Report


A West Coast one-two punch!

2017 saw the second time for this combination of categories at a CBBF National show. Promoters Tamara Knight and Jeni Briscoe combined forces for an event which will long be remembered for catering to the athletes first and foremost. All they really had to concentrate on was bringing their best to the stage! A beautiful venue was the icing on the cake, Chandos Pattison auditorium in Surrey BC (Home of the BCABBA Knight of Champions).


Women's Physique Division

There was a fair bit of overlap from Master to Open Divisions so a busy start to the show for those competitors. Ontario's Georgina D'Abreo took the Master 'A' Class and Overall title. She's been moving up the ranks for the past couple years, a well deserved IFBB Pro Card awarded here, good size and muscle shape should make for a smooth transition to the next level. Georgina was the only Master competitor not to compete in the Open Division, definitely efficient use of her National's stage time! Nathalie Clermont placed 2nd in both her Master and Open 'A' classes, a strong contender in future shows. Manitoba's Melissa Nero was 3rd. Of note was BC's Laura Conway taking 4th places similarly in the aforementioned classes. Master 'B' was won by the ever improving Dr. Alexandra Heberger, who also placed first in Open 'C'. Doing well in those same 2 classes was Dawn-Marie Runnalls, second and third respectively.

To the Open Classes, Alberta's Dana Williams definitely stepped it up a few notches from previous years, bringing a tight physique and presentation to the National stage, 1st in Class 'A'. Posing artistry was on point for many this evening, BC's Kennedy Ledgerwood in particular, 3rd place in this class. 'B' Class was where our Overall Champion emerged from, BC's Alyssa Coppolino...if ever there was built a physique with the proportionality to do some serious damage at the next level, look out world! Never resting on her laurels, putting an exclamation point on every Overall win she's had by blowing away her previous look. Ontario Provincials champion Lisa Kudrey placed 2nd while Jennifer Reese placed 3rd. Sydney Ma has had a busy competitive season in 2017, couples bodybuilding at the other Nationals. She placed 4th here. BC's very photogenic Kelsey Decamillis rounded out the top 5, nicely choreographed routine as always. Class 'C' closely paralleled the Master 'B' Class, with Alberta's Cara Kerluck slotting into 2nd place.


01. Women's Physique - Master A - Georgina D'Abreo - 1st (Overall Master & Pro Card).

02. Women's Physique - Master/Open A - Nathalie Clermont - 2nd.

03. Women's Physique - Master A - Melissa Nero - 2nd, Open A - 5th.

04. Women's Physique - Master/Open A - Laura Conway - 4th.

05. Women's Physique - Master B/Open C - Dr. Alexandra Heberger - 1st.

06. Women's Physique - Master B/Open C - Dr. Alexandra Heberger - 1st.

07. Women's Physique - Master B - Dawn-Marie Runnalls - 2nd, Open C - 3rd.

08. Open Women's Physique A - Dana Williams - 1st.

09. Open Women's Physique A - Dana Williams - 1st.

10. Open Women's Physique A - Kennedy Ledgerwood - 3rd.

11. Open Women's Physique B - Alyssa Coppolino - 1st (Overall).

12. Open Women's Physique B - Alyssa Coppolino - 1st (Overall).

13. Open Women's Physique B - Lisa Kudrey - 2nd.

14. Open Women's Physique B - Jennifer Reese - 3rd, Master A - 5th.

15. Open Women's Physique B - Sydney Ma - 4th.

16. Open Women's Physique B - Kelsey Decamillis - 5th.

17. Open Women's Physique C - Cara Kerluk - 2nd.

18. Open Women's Physique Overall Comparisons - Dr. Alexandra Heberger, Alyssa Coppolino and Dana Williams.

19. Open Women's Physique Overall Comparisons - Dr. Alexandra Heberger, Alyssa Coppolino and Dana Williams. 


Three competitors in each of 2 classes vied for that Pro card. Different looks for sure, a tough category to judge. In the end, various honors handed out. Alberta Fitness champion Charity Mohr's athletic routine and more muscular look won her the 'B' class, Overall crown and the IFBB Pro Card that goes with it. Ontario's Kyla Ford took the best routine award and 'A' class wins...and stunning 2017 Ontario Champion Rachelle Russette (with an improved physique) received the "most marketable look" award from a sponsoring publication, so can bet we'll be seeing more of her in the future!


20. Fitness A - Kyla Ford - 1st.

21. Fitness A - Kyla Ford - 1st.

22. Fitness A - Rachelle Russette - 2nd.

23. Fitness B - Charity Mohr - 1st (Overall).


Men's Physique

Three good sized Master classes plus four huge Open ones made for a very competitive category. Five in Master 'A' ...a blend of two provinces. Ontario's Cosimo Agostino placed 1st while teammate John Inigo took 3rd. Of note was second placer Dean Brandt of BC. Dean and wife Leigh were the promoters of this very show in 2016 and are very active as trainers and supporters of the sport. Kudos to a trainer who practices what he preaches! This was Dean's third Nationals and his best look yet. 4th was David Purcell, fresh off his Master win at BC Provincials a few weeks earlier. Teammate Andrew Bukowsky placed 5th. Andrew along with wife Grace have been long time supporters and contributors to running the British Columbia Amateur Bodybuilding Association, Grace being the former Secretary/Treasurer. Needless to say, this was a very popular class with the audience! Washboard abs abounded in all the classes, slight differences in conditioning made all the difference. If there was one category where analyzing GOOD photos post-show is the most critical, it's Men's Physique. A good day for BC in Master 'B', with Christopher Stiles taking top honors. Of note was third placer Shawn Bacher, fiance to Master Overall Women's Physique champion Georgina D'Abreo so a great day for them! Master Class 'C' saw Ontario's Michael Grayer take the Overall title as well.

To the Open Division, BC's Jeffrey De Jesus has been steadily working his way up the rankings, 1st Place in 'A' Class. Strong groups through 'D', that class winner Philippe Lebrun taking the overall title, the additional Pro card going to 'C' Class winner Desrick Walcott. Quebec's Daniel Violante won 'B' class...3 out of 4 from that Province, a very good showing!


24. Men's Physique - Master A - Cosimo Agostino - 1st.

25. Men's Physique - Master A - Dean Brandt - 2nd.

26. Men's Physique - Master A - David Purcell - 4th and John Inigo - 3rd.

27. Men's Physique - Master A - Andrew Bukowsky - 5th.

28. Men's Physique - Master B - Christopher Stiles - 1st.

29. Men's Physique - Master B - Shawn Bacher - 3rd with Georgina D'Abreo.

30. Men's Physique - Master C - Michael Grayer - 1st (Master Overall), Open D - 3rd.

31. Open Men's Physique A - Jeffrey De Jesus - 1st.

32. Open Men's Physique B - Daniel Violante - 1st.

33. Open Men's Physique C - Desrick Walcott - 1st (2nd Pro Card).

34. Open Men's Physique D - Philippe Lebrun - 1st (Overall).



The marquee event of this competition, the level of athletic conditioning can safely be said to have truly surpassed any previous years, worth the price of admission on its own! Starting with the Master 45+ classes, the amazing Bindi Bains-Mackoruk took the short class and post show indicated she'll be retiring from competition, but what a great career and continued support of the sport for all these years. Ontario's Carmen Mcdonald placed 2nd. Michelle Troll's return to competition in 2017 has been rather successful, winning the tall class here after doing the same at BC Provincials for the 45+ (one class) there a few weeks earlier. Terry Aleksic placed 2nd, more about her below.

Moving on to the Master 35-44 age group, 'A' class "only" had 5 entrants but all in excellent condition. Ontario's April Dumouchel looked chiseled, winning her Open class as well. Of note was BC's Maria Ford, placing 3rd here as well as in her Open Class, nicely shaped muscle on a compact proportional frame...huge improvements at every show! Quebec took the top 2 spots in 'B' class, with BC's Pamela Bartock placing 3rd. Pamela's return to competition was quite a splash, winning Master Overall at the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic back in March, very improved for Provincials and a solid placing at Nationals. We'd last photographed Pamela as a figure competitor in 2006, that was 5 cameras ago! A gym photoshoot followed this competition the next day. On to Class 'C', Manitoba's Kim Derksen's size and shape won the day, but a resurgent Jennifer Reece with greatly improved proportionality from previous years gave her a good run for her money. In fact, Jennifer additionally placed 3rd in her Open 'D' Class. This class also featured BC Champion Cara Roberts, placing 5th. The story of the day came from Master 35-44 'D' Class, where a super solid looking Nicki Dery broke through to garner Overall wins in both Master AND Open Figure! No weak points, ailed her conditioning.

With the crossovers from Master (and the quality there), the Open Division results looked similar. 'A' was won by April Dumouchel, impressive Nicole Corbin from Alberta placing 2nd and Maria Ford was 3rd. BC's Dana Sands placed 4th. 'B' was a very tough class, local favorite Robyn Gill was at her best to take 1st...she had to be with solid physiques from Newfoundland's Eve Gagnon and Quebec stunner Daniella Bellabarba. Continuing in the stunning category were the Open 'C' top 3 of Catherine Lavoie, Jenna Wilcox and Alicia Bell. Catherine was awarded the second Pro Card in Figure...can easily envision the other two earning theirs in the near future, whether at the North Americans, Amateur Olympia or Ben Weider Legacy Cup. 'D' was an equally competitive class. Ontario's Amanda Schmidt's balanced look gave her 1st place. Exotic looking Maryam Bamdad placed 2nd with a detailed lean look and 3rd went to Jennifer Reece, mentioned earlier. Of note was 4th placer Mandy Urner who happens to be the daughter of the above mentioned Terry Aleksic! Mandy also made numerous appearances as a model in one of the sponsor slides which ran on the stage's backdrop. 'E' Class belonged to Nicki Dery once again, it was her day for sure! Alberta swept the top 3, with not one, but two Overall Provincial Champions...Rae Healey (2015) placing 3rd and Ainsley Chaluk (2016) placing 2nd at her first Nationals! Rounding out Figure was statuesque Brittany Offers from Alberta taking the top spot.


35. Figure - Master 45+ A - Bindi Bains Mackoruk - 1st.

36. Figure - Master 45+ A - Carmen Mcdonald - 2nd.

37. Figure - Master 45+ B - Michelle Troll - 1st.

38. Figure - Master 45+ B - Terry Aleksic - 2nd.

39. Figure - Master 35-44/Open A - April Dumouchel - 1st.

40. Figure - Master 35-44 A - Angela Robinson - 5th, Maria Ford - 3rd, April Dumouchel - 1st, Kyla Delorey - 4th and Amanda Delaurier - 2nd.

41. Figure - Master 35-44 B - Nathalie Desgagne - 1st.

42. Figure - Master 35-44 B - Marie-Eve Pelletier - 2nd, Nathalie Desgagne - 1st and Pamela Bartock - 3rd.

43. Figure - Master 35-44 B - Pamela Bartock - 3rd.

44. Figure - Master 35-44 C - Kim Derksen - 1st.

45. Figure - Master 35-44 C - Jennifer Reece - 2nd.

46. Figure - Master 35-44 C - Cara Roberts - 5th.

47. Figure - Master 35-44 D - Nicki Dery - 1st (Overall Master/Open), Open E - 1st.

48. Open Figure A - April Dumouchel - 1st and Nicole Corbin - 2nd.

49. Open Figure A - Maria Ford - 3rd.

50. Open Figure A - Dana Sands - 4th.

51. Open Figure B - Robyn Gill - 1st.

52. Open Figure B - Daniella Bellabarba - 3rd, Robyn Gill - 1st and Eve Gagnon - 2nd.

53. Open Figure C - Caterine Lavoie - 1st.

54. Open Figure C - Jenna Wilcox - 2nd.

55. Open Figure C - Alicia Bell - 3rd.

56. Open Figure D - Amanda Schmidt - 1st.

57. Open Figure D - Maryam Bamdad - 2nd.

58. Open Figure D - Mandy Urner - 4th.

59. Open Figure E - Rae Healey - 3rd.

60. Open Figure E - Ainsley Chaluk - 2nd.

61. Open Figure F - Brittany Offers - 1st.

62. Overall Open Figure Champion Nicki Dery.


In Conclusion

At the time of this writing, it hasn't been announced where the 2018 CBBF National shows are to be held, but we do know that British Columbia definitely pulls out all the stops to make an event that much better, so fingers crossed to host another one. Thanks again to the promoters, the CBBF, it's executive, judges,  volunteers and all who made this Championships such a pleasure to cover. Honored to also have been a part of the Official Photography Team headed by esteemed photographer David Ford. To order stage photos, please go to http://www.davidfordpictures.com Additional images from this photographer are available at http://twixpix.com/Contest-Roundup.html Scroll down to the the applicable show(s).





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