Written by Anthony Ricciuto & David Aboody
06 August 2014


Contest Report - British Columbia Provincial Championships 2014



The 2014 British Columbia Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, and Bikini Championships was held in New Westminster, B.C. on June 28. This was the largest B.C. Provincial championship ever with over 230 competitors taking to the stage. The competition was promoted by Dean and Leigh Brandt and has been running this show since 2009. As always they put forth an amazing effort making it the top show in the province. Kim “Kong” Farrison, the top MC in the biz once again rocked the crowd into a frenzy. This was one amazing show that no one will forget. Let’s now take a look at some of the champions in each category


Bodybuilding - pictures are viewed left to right in accordance with the names


BB Junior Men - Jaswinder Brar


BB Junior Women - Andraea Adams


Master Women - Paula Lambert


Master Men - Glen Brown


Grandmaster Women - Karen Gillich


Open Women - Rhondda Zondag


Grandmaster Men - Don Weber


LW Men - Dan McAuley


Welterweight Men - Lou Noel


MW Men - Nawzad Palani


LHW Men - Chase Nelson-Murray


HW & Overall Men - Paulo Almeida


HW Overall winner with world famous fabulous MC Kim "Kong" Farrison


Physique -pictures are viewed left to right in accordance with the names


Women's Physique Masters, Open Short & Open Overall - Shannon McDowell


Women's Physique Open Tall - Emilija Martic


Men's Physique Masters - William Lopetinsky


Men's Physique A & Overall - Mirko Maras (now IFBB Pro)


Men's Physique B - Alexis Peraste


Men's Physique C - Alex Scott


Men's Physique Overall with Maria Sharp


Figure -pictures are viewed left to right in accordance with the names


Figure Grandmaster - Brenda Whitehead


Figure Masters A - Tia Young


Figure Masters B - Crystal Gretz


Figure Open A & Overall - Erica Christy


Figure Open B - Claire Hayes


Figure Open C - Jennifer Milidrag


Fitness - Kaylee Mascia


Bikini - pictures are viewed left to right in accordance with the names


Bikini Masters A - Valentina Guerin


Bikini Masters B - Pamela Steper


Bikini Open A - Paige Lodge


Bikini Open B - Diana Todd


Bikini Open C & Overall -Anette Delarosa(now IFBB Pro)


Bikini Open D - Leah Kozak


Show Highlights

 The B.C. Championships brought some of the best bodies to the stage from all over the province. It seems that every year there are more and more competitors helping to bring an even stronger contingent to Nationals. In both Men's Physique and Bikini, overall winners Mirko Maras and Anette Delarose respectively, got their Pro cards a week later at Nationals! The Mass Monster Paulo Almeida took the Men's Bodybuilding overall honors. You can look forward to a crazy “In the Trenches” video segment with Paulo coming to you soon only at MD Canada! The very graceful Shannon McDowell wowed the crowd in Women's Physique. Also making her debut at Nationals (third place) the following week was Overall Figure Champ Erica Christy. With the quality of talent at this competition you can see British Columbia will be bringing their best to battle against Canadians from all over too see who sports the best physiques in the country!