Written by Todd Jewell
13 April 2012

Todd-JewellOn March 31st I made an appearance at the Max Muscle Store in Vancouver, WA where I met with fans and sold some of my new merchandise. I met some very nice people during this event and had a chance to help a few of them with their training.

I spoke with one 15 year old girl who will be making her figure debut at the Oregon State Championships in July. It is so nice to see young people getting interested in the sport. Later that same evening I made a guest performance at the NPC USA Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships & Tanji Johnson Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Classic. This was my first guest performance as an IFBB Pro, and I was very excited that I was able to perform in front of all of my Northwest friends!

At this show I had the honor of helping out a very special friend of mine, Stevie Gulman, daughter of IFBB Fitness Pro Paula Williams-Gulman. Stevie was making her first appearance as a Junior Fitness Competitor at the age of 11. She entertained the crowd with an awesome routine and earned a 2nd place trophy. Way to go Stevie!