Written by Steve Kuclo
10 April 2012

A kucloblog2

I'm currently six weeks out from my pro debut. Nothing like crunch time! I had a big week filming for MD and putting together a lot of new stuff for my website.

Hany and I completely revamped my diet and training since my last update. Until now, food had been enjoyable! I am still getting plenty of it, but he has cut carbs and changed things up quite a bit. My pre and post workout carbohydrates have been dropped.

kucloblog1Even with the carb drop, I had a very solid week of training. I started off the week with a great back workout filmed for MD. Toward the end of the week, MD was there again to film legs. It was a killer workout! Iím still feeling the wrath of it now as I type!

But everything came to a halt last week when I got the news that my best friend from high school had tragically and unexpectedly passed away. Without a doubt, it was hardest week, both physically and emotionally, of my life. At moments like this, you take a step back and look at life with a different perspective.

I went back to Michigan to attend the service and spend some cherished time with family and friends, making it back just in time to guest pose at Brian Dobsonís Ronnie Coleman Classic. There were over 4,000 in attendance, and Lee Thompson managed to run the show without a hitch. It was awesome. I did dedicate the evening to my best friend and was very appreciative of everyone there in the crowd for their love and support.

The rest of my season is dedicated to my friend, and I will be sure to keep you guys posted on my progress all along the way.



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