Written by Steve Kuclo
09 January 2012

Hey, MD!
I had a great time yesterday with Phil Heath, Hany Rambod and Team FST-7 at the Max Muscle event. Thanks to everyone who came out to show support.
I’m still here with plans to shoot some In the Trenches video with Jordan before I leave.
Here are a few pictures from Saturday.


2011 Mr Olympia Phil Heath with 2011 Mr USA Steve Kuclo.


Poster boy Steve Kuclo


A devilish looking Seth Feroce, NPC National Champ Todd Jewell, Hany Rambod, Steve Kuclo and Phil Heath out livin' it up!


Todd Jewell, Seth Feroce, Hany Rambod, Kris Morell, Phil Heath and Steve Kuclo at Max Muscle!

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