Written by Sean Andros
21 November 2012



Evan’s Toughest Fan

Centopani Pays a Visit to Cancer-Fighting Bodybuilder

by Sean Andros

evanfan2I’ve interviewed, videoed, and written about the biggest, baddest, and most hardcore bodybuilders in the world.  We talk about sets, reps, drive, determination, motivation, heart, perseverance, consistency, and dedication.  Success and failure is determined in a workout, a meal, and eventually a contest.  That makes you a bodybuilder right?


Until you wake up one day with a weird pain under your lat.  And soon discover that initial discomfort is the moment that changes your life.  The diagnosis is one you could never expect nor prepare for: A malignant heart tumor.   All of the worries that consume our days are gone. Did I get all of my meals in?  Will I have time for cardio? Will I finally get the 500lb squat today?  In a flash these anxieties are swept away by one single thought: Am I going to live?


This is reality faced by a 22-year-old aspiring bodybuilder from New Jersey named Chris Slavin.  Chris is a kid that loves bodybuilding – I mean really loves the sport and the culture.  He’s not in it for the attention of being big nor has he taken any short cuts to get there.  He loves the challenge, the lifestyle, and the ability to change his body through hard work.  Chris has a passion I wish for anyone that picks up a copy of MD. 


On November 20, 2012, Chris was visited by the bodybuilder he admires most - Evan Centopani.  The surprise, awe, and gratitude this young man displayed when Evan entered his room was nothing short of incredible.  Eric from Universal Nutrition was on hard to deliver Chris a gym bag, Animal clothing, and a few autographed posters of Evan.  MD was also there to capture this special moment on film.


Right now Chris is sitting in a hospital room waiting for the call that will save his life.  The call telling him they have a heart donor and he can finally get the transplant that will save his life.  For six weeks already he’s been waiting in that room and without being able to even set foot in a gym, he’s the toughest, most hardcore bodybuilder I will ever meet. 


Check out the photos below from Evan’s visit and stay tuned for a video later this week.  In the meantime, head over to the MD No Bull Forums and leave Chris a message. 


Chris Slivan is a bodybuilder.  He’s one of us and he’s pressing though the toughest set of his life…let’s give him a spot.