Written by Louis "The Big Sexy" Uridel
18 September 2012

Road to the Excalibur: Training Blog #5

 Olympia Predictions from the Sexah One

It’s that time of the year again. Thousands of bodybuilding fans and faithfuls will make the journey to Las Vegas, Nevada for one of the greatest shows on Earth… the Mr. Olympia. There is a lot going on this weekend… the expo/events/parties and the actual Mr. Olympia competition. This week, I want to go through the competition and my predictions for who will be the top 6 in the open and top 3 in the 212 Showdown. In my blog next week, I will go through the Olympia experience from The Big Sexy’s standpoint, and explain what it is like to work an event as an athlete while on prep!


First and foremost, I want to put it out there that I am neither an IFBB judge nor an NPC judge. I am, for this blog, merely a fan of the sport proffering who I think will put on a good showing at the Olympia. In no way, shape or form should anyone take what I’m about to predict for anything more than a huge bodybuilding fan and his thoughts on an event he has gone to 10 out of the last 11 years.

In the Mr. Olympia… I see the following happening.

1. Phil Heath - Current Olympia Champion. I think he is currently unbeatable and will look even better this year.

2. Kai Greene - This was a tough one, but I think it’s time for Kai to hit that second spot. This is all dependent on his condition. I saw him last year at both the Olympia and the Sheru Classic (in person) and was blown away. He looked amazing; I think it is his year for 2nd.

3. Shawn Rhoden - My surprise pick. In the shows I’ve seen him, he had that wow factor I haven’t seen since Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler.

4. Branch Warren - Could fall as low as six… mainly because Jay Cutler isn’t in the lineup to compare him to. With Jay in the lineup, I think Branch would climb to 3rd.

5. Dennis Wolf - Now, I realize it matters what you look like on show day. No one has looked as amazing as Dennis Wolf did three to four weeks out from the Olympia and then came in and looked like he fell off… more than Dennis. However, last year he really came in looking SHARP. This makes me believe he has nailed it down finally. If he can really nail it, he might be in 2nd or 3rd!

6. Dexter Jackson - Call me a fan. Call Dexter the Blade. I think his look is what bodybuilding should be like… and for that reason and that reason alone I’m putting Dex in 6th.


As for the 212 Showdown… and no Kevin English… I’m going to run with the following.

1. Flex Lewis - I felt he won last year. I’m a huge fan of condition. Throw in great symmetry and you have Flex Lewis. I think this year, with no Kevin in his path, Flex will take his place as the 212 Showdown champion.

2. Eduardo Correa - Could be a strong competition for 1st with Flex. I saw his picture at a show he won and was blown away. I thought it was photoshopped, as he looked like a statue carved out of bronze.

3. Derik Farnsworth/Jose Raymond - OK. Let me explain this. You see, I know Derik Farnsworth personally… and I have seen him onstage. The guy has the quintessential classic physique. Big quads, small waist, big back. He just isn’t 212 pounds. He is around 170 pounds. Ideally, I believe he should in this position. However, if we are going with size and condition… I don’t think anyone rounds out the top three like Jose Raymond. (Yes, Jose, the check cleared!)

That sums it up on my top six in the Mr. Olympia and the 212 Showdown. Next week, I will go into The Big Sexy Olympia experience. Oh my prep? It’s going great. I am leaning down and dialing in.

Until next week… Do Work, Stay Sexy and Stay Sucka Free!