Written by Team MD
24 November 2016



The Sex File - 5 Facts to Pump You Up


1) Vaginal Orgasms More Common With Deep Penetration

Women respond differently to vaginal and clitoral orgasms— according to a study led by Stuart Brody from the University of the West of Scotland. Stimulation of the clitoris, shallow vagina and deep vagina affect different nerves— which explains the differences in the orgasmic sensations. Women were more likely to experience purely vaginal orgasms (without clitoral stimulation) if they incorporated vaginal stimulation when they first started masturbating as teens. The study involved a survey of 75 women from Czechoslovakia who provided details of their most recent sexual experiences, early and current masturbation habits, and sexual arousal from stimulation of the clitoris, shallow vagina, mid-vagina and deep vagina. Women who experienced more satisfying deep vaginal orgasms preferred men with larger penises. (Journal Sexual Medicine, 10: 1730-1736, 2013)

2) How Do You Measure Up?

The racehorse-size penises of most porn stars give men inferiority complexes. The fact is that men in the foot-long club are freaks of nature— according to a study from Indiana University led by Debby Herbenick. The average male penis is 5.6 inches long, with a circumference of 4.6 inches. Factors such as age, race, ethnicity, education, residence (urban or rural), marital status or sexual orientation did not influence the results. Researchers surveyed men on the Internet who measured the length of their penises. Men who achieved erections with oral stimulation were larger than those who used their hands, so the method of achieving an erection might affect the measurement. To prevent exaggeration, the men were told they would be fitted with a custom condom. “Average” is unsatisfactory for most men. More than 75 percent wish they were larger. (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, published online July 10, 2013)

3) Why Women Moan During Sex

Any porno actress worth her salt moans in ecstasy during sex. Most guys would confess that they enjoy having sex with a “screamer.” How much of this is an act and how much reflects true sexual bliss? A British study by Gayle Brewer and Colin Hendrie found that more than 85 percent of women vocalize during sex to speed up their partner’s climax and boost his self-esteem. The study surveyed 71 sexually active women ages 18 to 48. Women were more likely to vocalize just prior to male ejaculation than during their own orgasm. Somehow, watching a porno movie will never be the same. (Archives of Sexual Behavior, 40: 559-564, 2011)

4) Is She Squirting or Peeing During Sex?

Vaginal squirting is a big favorite in porno films. Most guys are disappointed that their partner doesn’t squirt and wonder what they are doing wrong. Vaginal juices of various types flow during sex. Some are a result of normal vaginal lubrication. Contracting the muscles around the vagina can cause squirting in women with good muscle tone and flowing juices. A literature review from the Czech Republic concluded that squirting could also occur due to contraction of the female prostate (Skenes gland) or from the bladder. Women can develop incontinence during sex triggered by penetration or excessive bladder activity. Incontinence is the involuntary release of urine. So, squirting during sex can be due to a projectile release of juices from the vagina, juices released by the female prostate, or involuntary release of urine. (Journal of Sexual Medicine, 10: 1682-1691, 2013)

5) What Women Want

“Hogamous, higamous, man is polygamous. Higamous, hogamous, woman monogamous.” This famous quote attributed to psychologist William James states what most of us suspect: men are horndog dirtbags who will screw anything that moves, while women are caretakers of the family and biologically programmed toward faithfulness. A new book called What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire (Ecco) by Daniel Bergner casts doubt on these long-held beliefs. She cited more than 10 studies showing that as much as 60 percent of women have frequent rape fantasies. Rape might be the wrong term because most women are in control during their daydreams. Blood flow to the sex organs was greatest when women were shown films of sex between strangers compared to sex with long-term partners. Women liked men on the wild side. In long-term relationships, men who tried to be domestic and considerate turned off women. The moral of the story for guys is to keep being the inconsiderate pigs that you are. (New York Post, August 12, 2013)