23 January 2015


What's the Secret to Keeping Up with the Joneses?



“America’s Elite Family of Champions” – Jon, Arthur & Chandler Jones– endorsed MuscleTech® before a face-off in last Sunday’s championship battle between Indianapolis & New England

  (Oakville, ON) – What do the world’s #1-ranked MMA fighter and his pro football player brothers have in common? Elite-level physical conditioning and MuscleTech® supplements to fuel their best performance.

 On the eve of Sunday’s championship football game in Foxborough, MA, long-time MuscleTech® spokesman and champion fighter Jon “Bones” Jones was cheering on his defensive end brothers, Arthur of Indianapolis and New England’s Chandler, as they demonstrate how the revolutionary MuscleTech® sports nutrition supplement brand continues to advance the science of performance.

 “Jon’s been using MuscleTech® for years to help him prepare for his biggest fights in the octagon,” says Arthur, “and his performance speaks for itself.”

 On Sunday night, Arthur and Chandler Jones were pitted in a head-to-head battle at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, to determine which Jones brother would move on to play on Super Sunday.

 “My brothers were both looking to play the game of their lives, so they’ve got to be in peak performance mode,” says Jon. “I know they take their training seriously and I wished them both luck.”

 Chandler Jones trusts MuscleTech® supplements to help him perform at an elite level. “The NITRO-TECH® formula from MuscleTech® is made for real athletes,” says Chandler. “It’s the highest quality formula for putting on muscle and recovering from hard training, and the taste is amazing.”

 MuscleTech®’s “Keep Up with the Joneses” campaign marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic sports nutrition brand known worldwide for its dedication to science-backed formulations with full disclosure of all ingredients – so you know exactly what you are getting in every product.

 “We want our fans to ‘Keep Up with the Joneses’ and to experience the science of performance for themselves,” says Chandler. “MuscleTech® is it.”

 MuscleTech® products are available in over 80 countries worldwide and include best-in-class formulas like NITRO-TECH®, Platinum 100% Iso-Whey, Platinum 100% Whey and other breakthrough innovations. Tune in to Sunday’s championship game, and see for yourself why MuscleTech® sports nutrition supplements are the choice of elite athletes.

 For more information on MuscleTech® and to “Keep Up with the Joneses,” visit www.muscletech.com/kuwtj.


 For nearly two decades, the MuscleTech® brand has launched industry-defining product innovations that have helped bodybuilders and athletes achieve their goals. With cutting-edge formulas engineered by an elite team of researchers, MuscleTech® continues to provide the most premium supplements in the world. It continues to be the #1 Selling Bodybuilding Supplement Brand in America since 2001, and with distribution in over 80 countries, is one of the most prominent sports nutrition brands worldwide.


 The MuscleTech® brand of supplements is America's #1 Selling Bodybuilding Supplement Brand based on cumulative wholesale dollar sales 2001 to present.


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