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MD Radio with Shawn Ray & Flex Wheeler

Countdown to USA Championship Special
Episode #20
Guests: Former Ms. USA, Isabell Turell and NPC Competitor Stan Efferding

Join us for our Special Edition Countdown to the 2009 NPC USA Championships July 24th & 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada!

IFBB Pro, Isabelle Turell will share with us her experience winning her Pro Card at the USA Championships a year ago!

The Past meets the Present, as we get two different perspectives from Winners both male and female!

Also, preparing for the NPC Master National Championships July 17th in Pittsburgh, PA. Power lifter turned Bodybuilder and contest front runner, Stan Efferding who is Currently ranked the #1 at 275 pound raw total in America on with a 2,070 pound raw total (755 squat, 550 bench, 765 deadlift) at over 41 years old!     
Stan started his own telephone company out of his apartment funded by credit cards back in 2002 and built it into a 100 employee business providing service in 25 states and grossing 25 million a year!  

Tune in to another great episode of MD Radio Monday July 6th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST for all your NPC & IFBB News and Information!