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Kai_CoverCheck out that insane, otherworldly, cross-striated, massive thigh on the cover!! It could only belong to MD’s own Predator— and the reigning Arnold Champion— Kai Greene, aka, bodybuilding’s greatest entertainer of all time. The one and only electrifying Kai, with his crazy, alien wheels and one-of-a-kind posing routine that blows everyone out of the water, is back with a vengeance, to defend his title.

Yes, the ‘moving art’ that is Kai, is about to grace the Arnold stage again, and the world of bodybuilding is waiting with bated breath to witness the posing routine that Arnold himself considers to be the greatest routine that bodybuilding has ever seen. Kai’s ‘out-there’ routine takes posing to a whole new level; one moment stalking like a jungle cat; the next, slithering like a snake; the next, prancing like a gazelle. Kai’s grace, passion and athleticism all combine to bring, in his own words, “a celebration of the art form that is bodybuilding.”

Kai plans on bringing his best package to the stage Saturday, March 6th. As of today Kai is weighing 286lbs and he is cross striated everywhere and has dramatically improved since the Olympia. Watch out the ALIEN IS BACK!!

Tonight we start 2 weeks of MD's "Road to the Arnold" coverage sponsored by MuscleMeds. Kai and Oscar, along with Arnold Classic promoter Jim Lorimer, will be on Muscular Development Radio with Shawn Ray. Also check out tomorrow on Muscular Development TV Kai's "Road to the Arnold" Leg Workout.

This April MD issue is set to hit newsstands March 2nd.