Written by Peter McGough
08 December 2012

Panthera Labs presents coverage of the Masters Olympia 2012 December 7-8.


2012 Masters Olympia Prejudging Report

By Peter McGough

1stcallout1In the countdown to the 2012 Masters Olympia, being staged at the Fillmore Theater in Miami Beach today (December 7) and tomorrow, the smart money was on Dexter Jackson to take a title last disputed in 2003, when Claude Groulx won. At the culmination of the prejudging, with half of the points awarded, the suspense was not of a level to rival an Alfred Hitchcock movie as The Blade carved out a clear cut (and boy, was he cut) lead.


It’s been a revelatory few months for the Jacksonville native as for the past couple of years it seemed the career of the 2008 Mr. Olympia was on a downward curve. That is until last September’s Olympia when a revitalized Jackson bounced back to his peak form and nabbed fourth place, and nearly third, ahead of Shawn Rhoden. This past couple of years Jackson was lacking the sinew splitting fullness (particularly in the thighs) that was his signature and was penalized for it. But having turned 43 last week and now working with George Farah it seems like wine he is destined to get better with age. In fact in some poses, like back double biceps, he has never been better with the only minus being he wasn’t always controlling his midsection.


At Last year’s Masters World Jackson beat Toney Freeman into second spot, and it seems that in this historic event history will repeat itself. The X-Man in his eighth contest this year appears to be another who has discovered the fountain of youth as at age 46, he came out fuller and tighter than he has been all year. However he did flatten out a little as the prejudging progressed but still looks to be holding second place.

1stcallout2With his great frame, proportions and round muscle bellies Ed Nunn could be heading for third but it could have been higher had he been tighter. To my eyes, based on the last callout of five athletes (Jackson, Freeman, Nunn, Ronny Rockel and Dennis James) it seems Rockel and James are fighting for fourth. Rockel was full and hard from the front; not so from the back and his presentation was not helped by being undertanned. James, who retired in 2010, was as good as he has been in the later stage of his previous pro career, but against Jackson, Freeman and Nunn lacked the detail they had particularly from the back.


But my question concerning the prejudging was, why wasn’t Troy Alves called into that last comparison. The physique he flexed today was his best ever with detail, and fullness (and yes, the friggin’ hams and glutes were there) and given his balance and structure I’m mystified why he wasn’t given top five consideration.

1stcallout3I would say the same of Darrem Charles who when he first came out was ripped and fuller than we’ve ever seen but he did fade as the prejudging wore on, so maybe that omission can be explained.

So at half time Dexter Jackson looks on course to become the first man to win a Mr. Olympia and Masters Olympia title. To find out who becomes the first Masters Olympia champ since 2003 stay tuned to musculardevelopment.com for tomorrow’s play-by-play of the finals commencing at 7.00pm EST tomorrow Saturday December 8, and a host of videos and interviews that only Bodybuilding’s #1 Multimedia Destination can bring you.