Written by Prics Ma
25 February 2009

Muscular Development will be attending the Arnold this March in Columbus.  The crew is set to arrive on Thursday - in time for the weigh-in.  Our objective is to obtain as much contest coverage as possible.  From paparazzi photos to athlete interviews, play-by-plays, and contest pictures - MD hopes to saturate you with as much Arnold info as possible.  Team MD plans on covering the Women, the Amateurs, and the Classic's - both prejudging and finals - along with an added bonus of the power lifting event!!  We will also cover the EXPO.  Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler will be joined by Ron Harris, Bill Comstock, Per Bernal, Gene Hwang, Anita Nikolich, Miguel Salazar, Steve Blechman, and a few other surprise guests!!  

Per Bernal will have his studio set up at the Doubletree Hotel both on Friday and Saturday from 8am - 11pm.  All female and male athletes who are competing that weekend are more than welcome to stop by and have photos taken!!! 

Bill Comstock will be staying in Columbus both Sunday and Monday after the Arnold Festival to videotape "In the Trenches" with both Amateur and Pro athletes!!  Feel free to contact Bill if you will be available either of those days.

Muscular Development will blow you away with their contest coverage this year as we will not be having a booth BUT WILL have much more time to obtain more content for our audience!!!  Our objective is to give our on-line community exactly what they want - CONTEST COVERAGE!!!

Team MD Coverage Arnold 2009

Team MD will be providing up to date Arnold Coverage, contest pictures, live interviews, Arnold blogging.

Here is a list of Arnold Contest Coverage:

  • Arnold Classic Preview: MDTV- Shawn, Flex, and Dorian.                                                           
  • MD will be providing exclusive MD interviews with Victor, Kai, Dennis, Branch, Chad Nicholls, Charles Glass, and Hany Rambod)
  • Flex and Shawn will be also be providing exclusive “backstage” Interviews with the competitors. 
  • Shawn, Flex & Dorian will be providing play-by-play comments during the competition and athlete interviews.
  • Lee Priest will be also providing play by play commentaries and blogging throughout the Arnold Weekend.
  • All photos will be taken by Ace photographer Per Bernal.  Per will be taking pictures for the men's and women's bodybuilding.  Additionally, Per will be covering the women's fitness and figure.

 Therefore MD looks forward to seeing you in Columbus!!