Written by Team MD
16 May 2012

Jon Delarosa is Armed and Dangerous



JON BIG CITY TRAINING INS 2New York is known for a very loud and intense audience. The crowds there are tough and the standards are high— and if you’re a bodybuilder who comes from New York, you’d better be ready to kick some major ass onstage. Jon Delarosa can handle that. He was born in Washington Heights, NY (the same town as the Dominican Dominator, Victor Martinez) and currently lives in Scarsdale, NY. Jon is one of the most aesthetically pleasing pros to come along in years, a rare blend of mass and symmetry at a contest weight of 230. And it sure as hell hasn’t come easy for Jon— he won the Overall and first place in the Heavyweights at the 2011 NPC USA Championships while working a regular job as an elevator mechanic.

When Jon steps on stage at the NY Pro on May 17, he will be armed and dangerous.  You can’t expect to make it in NY with anything less then a set of cannons under your sleeves!  Do you want to build you own set of NY Guns?  Then give Jon’s arm workout a try:


JON_BIG_CITY_TRAINING_INS_1Daily Meals and Supplements*

6:00 a.m.         Activite multivitamin, Isofast 50-SR protein, T-BOMB II

6:45 a.m.         8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1.5 cups of oatmeal

9:45 a.m.         10 ounces of grilled chicken, 1 cup of brown rice

12:45 p.m.       10 ounces of grilled chicken, large green salad, 1 cup of broccoli

3:45 pm.          10 ounces of steak, 10-12 ounces of sweet potato

4:30 p.m.         Pre-Workout— Dark Rage Stick Packs (carb free), NO-Bomb, Dren

6:45 p.m.         Post-Workout— Dark Matter

7:30 p.m.         Isofast 50-SR protein, Glutamine-SR

8:45 p.m.         10 ounces of tilapia, large green salad, 1 cup of broccoli

11 p.m.            Probolic-SR protein, T-BOMB II, Cyclin-GF

*All supplements by MHP




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