Written by justis berg
04 February 2010


Whole-Body Vibration Between Sets Increases Squat Strength

            Vibration training involves doing basic exercises, such as squats, push-ups, lunges, and modified pull-ups on a vibrating platform. Vibration is transferred through the feet, hands, or butt, which are in contact with the vibrating plate or handlebars. Vibration activates stretch receptors in the muscles, which triggers thousands of small reflex muscle contractions. Vibration may also stimulate bone synthesis and release hormones that promote muscle tone and decrease fat.

            A University of Mississippi study showed that isometric squat strength increased slightly when athletes were subjected to whole-body vibration between sets. Vibration training increases strength and physical capacity in older adults and untrained people. It might be useful during rehabilitation from injury or when used during rest intervals between sets. It is not a magic bullet that will make you big and strong. (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 24: 171-183, 2010)