Written by IFBB Pro Josh Wade
05 June 2020





Relentless Pursuit

By IFBB Pro Josh Wade

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Staying Positive in the Era of COVID-19


Q: I was following along with your prep for the Arnold Australia and it seemed evident that you made some amazing changes from last year and were coming in your best I’ve ever seen you. How did you take the last-minute cancellation of the show?


A: Thank you! Yes, I put in a good solid year of tightening my waist by doing vacuums every morning, which really improved my shape and taper. I knew that would be key to moving up this season. Also, I added slightly more size as well, and the combination made me feel like I was bringing a completely different, more aesthetic look. I was so excited to present it on stage! I prepped for six months in an attempt to slowly come down in weight so I could preserve the new muscle tissue I built. And, two days before I was supposed to leave for Australia, I was informed the show was canceled. So, yes, I was extremely disappointed, as you can imagine.


But if you have followed me, you know I always try to see the positive in any situation. As it turns out, had I traveled to Australia as planned, I would have been quarantined there for two weeks and still wouldn’t have been able to compete, which at worst would have been inconvenient and disappointing. But not being able to come home to my family, especially during the whole outbreak and quarantine, would have been devastating. So, I counted my blessings that travel was canceled. Instead of throwing myself a pity party on the day I found out the show was canceled, I went with my daughter to her Girl Scout pinewood derby car race. Seeing the joy on her face as her car went down the track made me completely forget about the show. There is so much more to life than most of us realize. As I’ve said before, my family helps put things in perspective for me, as the time I spend with them and the memories we make are the most important things. I also enjoyed a doughnut with her that morning and had a cheat meal with the family that night, and then the next day returned to prep for the St. Louis Pro, which was scheduled four weeks later. But that was also canceled shortly thereafter. That’s when we all started seeing the seriousness of COVID-19 and its sobering impact on our lives.


That same week, school was closed for four weeks. I’m pretty sure every mom felt the same way my wife did: “Holy shit, I have to homeschool them?!” Having our kids in school every weekday is something we just take for granted. It’s a major adjustment, but what do we do when we are given a challenge? Do we just say “F-it” and give up, or do we dig in and strive to do our best to overcome adversity? I fell back on my “consistent effort plus time equals success” motto and that helped me get through what came next, which was a statewide “stay at home” order that led to the closure of my gym, my sole source of income that provides for my family and allows my wife to be a stay-at-home mom! I try to never be negative, but I must honestly say I was a little panicked, maybe even depressed, as I didn’t know what I was going to do or how long this was going to last. What truly got me out of it was the overwhelming support and messages I got from my family, my clients and friends saying, “Let me know if there is anything you need!” They all know that small businesses would struggle, and without their support I might not have a business to reopen, or a means to provide for my family. So, in the whole scheme of things, competing is the least of my concerns.



As I’m writing this in early April, my area isn’t impacted too badly by COVID-19, but other parts of the country seem to be getting hit hard. By the time this comes out in June, I pray it’s behind us and as a country we are recovering our health and economy. If there’s any positive in this, it that’s we are more aware of what we have. We shouldn’t take things for granted as they can be taken away from us at any time. Also, we should always be appreciative of those around us. It’s in the hard times when you can truly count your real friends.


Who would have thought that our freedom to go to the gym would be taken from us? Let’s stand together as a nation of strong people to protect our weak, and then get our asses back in the gym and be all we can be! As you’re reading this, I truly hope life has returned to some semblance of normalcy, and in next month’s column I can talk about diet and training tips.


Be positive, stay appreciate and be blessed as “this too shall pass!” Amen!


Strengthen Your Immune System and Prevent Infection


With the COVID-19 situation, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries as to which supplements can strengthen the immune system and help prevent infection. These are the supplements that I take every day year-round for immune system function and antioxidants, but they are even more beneficial at times of stress or sickness.


Allmax Immune-Boosting Stack

Glutamine – 10g 3x day, upon rising, post-workout and before bed

R-ALA – 2 caps (300mg) with first and last meal

CytoGreens – 1 scoop upon rising 

Vitastack – 1 multipack with first meal

Omega-3 – 2g with first and last meal


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