Written by Tom Fahey
14 January 2010

Underarm deodorants might fight BO, but they do little to improve sexual performance or make you horny. An underarm testosterone cream could be a big hit. Low testosterone depresses libido, triggers erectile dysfunction, prevents muscle and bone loss, and decreases mental function in aging men. Acrux Ltd., an Australian drug company, reported that an underarm testosterone cream called Axiron boosted testosterone levels in 84 percent of middle-aged men after four months. Patients and physicians liked the cream better than gels because it was absorbed rapidly, dried quickly, and was less likely to rub off on women— which caused unwanted side effects. The company has yet to make a profit, but stock prices have blasted through the stratosphere. Prescriptions for testosterone rose 20 percent in the U.S. last year, with gross sales exceeding $1 billion. (Bloomberg, September 29, 2009)